Lovely like An Angel

I never saw an angel before, I guess when you see them, your heart will melt, and your mind will wander around...I have been shooting a lot of model, mostly Asian, it might be because I didn't see a Russian model, so when I took her photo, my heart melt, like seeing an angel. Copyright ©2013 HENRYCHAO PHOTOGRAPHY. All right reserved.

Valery- the lovely face model

Here is another image in the collection of Valery model's album. I enjoy taking her photo. Copyright © 2013 HENRYCHAO PHOTOGRAPHY. All right reserved.

Behind the Light

This is what I called the Bonus shoot after Low Key shooting.I was thinking of getting the best light to enhance the DOF in studio?!? Yes, it work. Copyright ©2013 HENRYCHAO PHOTOGRAPHY. All rights reserved.